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  • Panasonic CF53RL1A laptop image
  • Panasonic CF53RL1A laptop image
  • Panasonic CF53RL1A laptop image
  • Panasonic CF53RL1A laptop image
  • Panasonic CF53RL1A laptop image


Panasonic CF53RL1A


The processor that carries the Panasonic CF53RL1A it is not highly recommended. The experience you will have will not be the most fluid in many of the cases and the volume of tasks you can do at the same time will be quite limited.             
If you are also one of those who use antiviruses because you are not careful with what you download, it is likely that in a short time use it become hell.

More exactly it is the 630 of more than 1,100 processors.

The graphics card, an Intel HD 3000 (Mobile V2 1.3 GHz), is nowadays a garbage. If you expected to play something with this laptop, think again. You will probably not be able to watch at more than 720p in streaming (Netflix, YouTube, etc...) in a fluid way.
More exactly it is the 500 of more than 600 graphic cards.

The brand is not well known, you may have problems if you ever need to process the guarantee.

The amount of RAM is quite short, 4GB were top a few years ago, but today... The operating system itself can eat half that amount.

Oh and be aware, if you're still using jack/mp3 connector, this model DOES NOT have it.

With that weight, more than portable, it is draggable. As long as your intention to move it does not pass from the desk to the sofa, it will do.

It has a huge screen.

In a nutshell, it will serve you for office tasks such as writing or surfing the internet and little else.


Design & screen

Dimensions 369x366x116mm
Weight 8.51kg
Inches 1366
Resolution 1366x768
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Type ips


Wifi 802.11 ac
Bluetooth 1
Cells 4
Watts 20 w/h


Model Intel Core i5-2520M
Graphics card
Model Intel HD 3000 (Mobile V2 1.3 GHz)
Amount 4 GB
Type DDR4
Hard drives
Space 250GB
Type HDD
RPM 5400